About us

The quest to deliver value to your customer is the same to understand it.

Only with a unified and real vision can you reach the goal of truly delivering value to your customer.

We understand this search and are part of it. We also seek to build the best platform to help your company understand and help its customers.

The complexity of the immensity of information must be refined and sculpted to deliver true brilliance to customers.

InApplet is for marketing experts and data scientists who need innovative ways to get to know their customers better and deliver value to them.

InApplet is about delivering value.


With the large amount of data that we have in our responsibility, ensuring security is one of our priorities and we act with strict rules to guarantee maximum confidence.

Some of the security measures we apply are:

  • We logically isolate the databases of each client / project.
  • We apply firewall rules to prevent unauthorized access to servers.
  • Access to servers is restricted to pre-authorized workstations.
  • Access to the systems that involve the organization must have 2-factor authentication enabled whenever available.
  • Our servers are audited and certified with important security standards as SOC 2 Type II (Certifies principles of trust as security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy and PCI-DSS (required for financial companies).

Supporting entrepreneurship

As our story also starts with a self-funded project, we also support other people who face the long journey of entrepreneurship.

InApplet as a platform, allows other people to start their projects using our data structure as a base and we support anyone who ventures into this way.

But beyond that, we also encourage any form of business, therefore, we seekguide new entrepreneurs with business and technology issues.