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Discover the resources that offer the possibility to perfectly understand your customers and businesses.


Resources for obtaining information about accesses and users through plugins and other sources

Plugin ready to use

Just install on your website and you're done. Now you can get to know your customers better.

By adding InApplet.JS to your website, all visits and events such as clicking and filling out forms will be saved for you to consult in the future.

Big Data for all sizes of companies

We create a big data of your data so when you have a question, they are there for you to consult.

We automatically save all events that occur on your site, even if it is not relevant to you at the moment.

Light plug-in

The loading time of websites is increasingly important, especially on mobile devices.

Therefore, we always take care that our plugin does not have a size that accompanies the page load or uses a lot of memory.

Our plugin is about 6KB and loads very fast.

Build your plugin

InApplet is a platform that allows you to create as well. You can create your own plugin or adjust the default plugin according to your needs.

You can also add other uses for the platform in addition to analytics.

Send information directly from the backend

Some information may not be available on the front end, so it is possible to send information directly from the backend.

You can, for example, add notes about the customer or even add information about plans and revenue.

Connection between sessions

When you use the user identification feature, previous visits and on other browsers or devices are automatically linked so that you have a unique view of your customer's visits.

Identify your users

Turn an anonymous visitor into a new friend. When a customer signs up on your site, he uses the identification function. With this you can get to know your customer better.

In addition, you can consume the saved events to make automations, this helps you to have more customers without increasing the work. It is a gain of true scale.

Enter data about your customers

You can save various information about your customer.

It can be simple information, from name, email to information about plans, internship and revenue (Amount paid by the customer monthly).


Features that help you look at your data directly from the dashboard

Integrated information query

Consult information directly from the dashboard using the explore function.

You can query the information directly from the project database using the information search via SQL.

Create views

Create quick views of relevant information.

It created that more complicated important query, save it as a view for quick reference later.

Manage who can access your data

Create quick views of relevant information.

Create a token for each site that will use the API, so you can cancel access to the information at any time.


Extract from your data the best information about your users and your website

Consult data directly from the dashboard

Access the explore function and consult data directly from your database.

You can collect information in real time or even consult the oldest data.

Search data via API

You can consult the same information as the function explore directly via the API.

Create automations

Reading the data via API, you can create automations to simplify your work.

You can understand when it is necessary to send an email to a customer.

When someone is accessing your help page many times, they may be in trouble, say hi.

When a customer creates an account, welcome them.

See how many times someone has converted to the same event.

If someone tried to use a paid feature, send an invoice.

Use a consultation App

Consult our Apps to view data in a personalized way.

Apps can show your data in innovative ways or even add new features.

Create your own App

You use the API to create your own data display app.

Create dashboards, charts and tables.

Organize your information creatively. Look for the best way to see how your users interact with your site.

Make your App available

Have you found a legal way to display or use the data? You can share your app with others.

Open a ticket that we help to publicize your app.