See below for instructions on creating and managing your account. With an InApplet account, you can create unlimited projects.

Creating an account

To create your account you only need two pieces of information, email and password.

  1. To create your account, access the New Account and Login page

  2. Click the tab Signup.

  3. Enter an email (the email is unique per account, so no more than one account can be created per email) and the password.

  4. Click Continue.

Access your account

To access your account follow the steps:

  1. Access the New Account and Login page

  2. Enter your account email and password.

  3. Click Continue.

Changing the password

To change your password you must not be authenticated.

  1. Access the New Account and Login page

  2. Click on I forgot my password.

  3. In the window, enter your email and click Continue.

  4. We will send you an email containing a link to change your password, so check your inbox (or the spam folder if the email takes too long to appear).

  5. Click on the link sent via email.

  6. Choose a new password.

Sign out

To sign out of your account:

  1. Go to your Account page

  2. Click Logout.

Removing your account

You can request the removal of your account, but remember, after removing the account, projects and related information will be permanently lost and cannot be recovered.

To remove your account, contact our support via ticket and request the account removal.