The plugin is responsible for monitoring user behavior within your website and recording navigation events.

The plugin is ready to work on your site, but you can also configure it the way you need it or even create your own version of the plugin using the original plugin.

Installing the plugin

To install the plugin:

  1. Before installing the plugin, you must have a project created and selected.
  2. Access the Settings option in the menu or enter the URL directly
  3. In the option Tracking code the plugin code will appear in ready to be copied.
  4. To install the code on your website there are two options:
    1. After copying the code, paste it on your website before the tag </body>.
    2. Using TagManager:
      1. Follow the steps in the documentation to add theplugin
      2. The trigger can be a few pages, all pages on a website, or be inserted on more than one website.