Data platform for websites

Collect data from your visitors, organize and make better business decisions with smart insights.

  • Find out which pages and features are most used.
  • Evaluate marketing and conversion campaigns.
  • Build custom reports.
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Capturing user behavior Create your own big data with the behavior and events of all your customers

Auto event capture

We automatically capture all events like views, clicks and filling out forms.

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User identification

You can name a session. Identify your logged in users to find out who the user is behind that visit.

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Connection between sessions

We automatically understand when two sessions belong to the same users, even if they are on different sites or devices.

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Understanding your users Search the data for information about your users. Create the most diverse reports

Apps that help you

Use our apps to understand your data, it's available for free.

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Build your own analysis tool

All your data is open for you to analyze with your own tool. Build using our API.

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Look at your data as a data scientist

Use leading data science tools like Pandas to understand your data quickly and deeply.

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Build your own data analysis application

InApplet is a platform that links data capture tools with applications to understand and analyze data.

The data collection and data query APIs are fully open for you to integrate and use however you need.

var unirest = require('unirest');

var url_api = '',
         query = '&query=SELECT * FROM `properties_list` LIMIT 50';

var req = unirest('GET', url_api+'account_slug=[[slug]]&token=[[token]]'+query)
    .end(function (res) {
        if (res.error) throw new Error(res.error);