Real User Monitoring (RUM)

RUM provides an accurate, real-time view of your website's performance, based on user activities while browsing your platform.

Authentic Performance, Tangible Results

Unlike synthetic performance monitors, RUM provides true and dynamic insights tailored to each user's access characteristics. Understand loading speed, memory usage, and vital web metrics to ensure an optimized user experience.

Key Features

  • Site Loading Metrics: Gain detailed insights into your site's loading performance.
  • Feature Filtering: Customize and refine your analysis with specific filters.
  • Real-Time Visualization: Access real-time data for agile and precise decision-making.

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Transformative Experiences, Unmatched Results

Empower your site with the power of RUM for a seamless user experience, driving unparalleled results.

Real-Time Monitoring for Uninterrupted Performance

Track your site's loading performance in real-time, swiftly detecting and resolving any issues that may impact the user experience.

Instant Identification and Resolution of Performance Bottlenecks

Quickly resolve performance bottlenecks that may arise during traffic spikes, ensuring continuous efficiency of your site.

Ensuring Unmatched Experience During Advertising Campaigns

Ensure your site's performance isn't compromised during advertising campaign launches, maintaining a consistent and satisfactory user experience.

Continuous Optimization Based on Real Data

Utilize real usage data to enhance the user experience, identifying areas for improvement and adapting your site for smoother navigation.

Accurate Monitoring of Code Updates

Evaluate the impact of each code update on your site's performance, ensuring changes don't negatively affect the user experience.

Granular Analysis by Device and Location

Understand user needs in various contexts, analyzing site performance on different devices and geographical regions.

RUM offers a comprehensive and dynamic approach to ensuring your site delivers exceptional experiences at all times. Gain deep insights and take precise actions to optimize performance and user satisfaction.

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